Do you ever walk past a church noticeboard that makes you want to weep?

Have you looked for a local church online and found its website impossible to navigate or non-existent?

Have you had an offensively ugly flyer through your door inviting you to a church event and wished such an important message had been more appealingly presented?

We can help.

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The church has a world-changing message of hope to communicate and sometimes the way it communicates just isn’t up to scratch.

CPO has been working to support the UK Church in its communication for over 60 years. We understand the challenges of a small budget, over-stretched volunteers and lack of specific expertise and we are here to help.



  • A comms improvement fund for churches who lack the financial resources to improve their communications.

  • A wealth of stories and case studies
    to inspire and equip churches across the
    UK to raise their game.



Anyone can anonymously nominate a church for a grant by going to our Nominate page. Alternatively, if you want to make an application for your own church, go to our Apply page.

We will need the name of the church, its address, and a photograph or web address to demonstrate why it needs our help.

Grants are between £50 and £1000 in the form of communication tools provided by CPO or its partners.