Can anyone nominate a church for help?

Yes, and there is the option of anonymous nomination. If you nominate your own church you’ll be given the option to provide more information, which might help the church be awarded a grant.


How much are the grants for?

Grants will be to the value of between £50 and £1000. They are not cash grants, but gifts of a choice of physical resources, training or website support depending on the need and on the application.


Who decides whether the church will get any help? How is the decision made?

The decision will be made by a panel at CPO (Christian Publishing & Outreach), based on the application, and where possible in consultation with the church’s regional or denomination representatives in case they may be able to offer additional support. Priority will be given to churches where there is evidence that the help offered will be used to have most impact, and where there is most need for practical or financial assistance. This is because the funding for the project has been given to CPO for these purposes and to be used in this way. You can find out more about CPO here. Those who don’t receive a grant this time can still sign up to receive free resources from CPO here.


How can a grant be used?

The grants must be used for specific communication and outreach activities, such as new display, design or websites, delivered, created, designed or printed/published through CPO or its partners. We do ask that those who receive help are prepared to tell the story very simply of the difference it has made to inspire other churches, with a few photos or some short words.


Are all churches eligible?

Yes! We are particularly keen to support church plants and churches who are transforming their outreach in their local community.


When and how will churches be notified that they’ve received
a grant?

We will notify churches by email as soon as possible after your application has been received.


Where does the funding come from? Can I contribute?

CPO has received specific earmarked funding to help churches in this way, but you can help too! You can contribute to the fund at give.net here or via cpo.org.uk/donate. Our hope is that this fund will continue to grow, so that churches can continue to be helped. You can also fundraise for your church by setting up a page linked to the Church Communications Improvement Project at give.net.